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A Challenge Of Honour - Taken By The Flames (2014)

27-05-2014, 02:06Warez (Автор: warez)

01. Are You Certain Of Your Destiny 06:49
02. London's Burning 05:08
03. A Lonely Infant(Monuments Remix)07:00
04. Swallowed By Time 03:16
05. Mankind 04:48
06. A Moral Destiny 06:24
07. The Thames Gave Shelter 04:24
08. Gulag 07:29
09. A Dark Wind Blew 10:25
10. Under A Blood Red Star 04:12
This Album is the farewell of A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR, a great music project and a even greater friend, who accompanied Steinklang over many years. We do not want to loose many words, let's tell the bandleader some final words to his audience:
"The last 12 years where a great time thinking back. I was able to release my music, work together with some wonderful people and making new friends. But all stops. After 12 years A Challenge Of Honour is no more. One last track is still laying on the shells, one last track which is also the start of something new, a new born. This track is besides the very last A Challenge Of Honour also directly the name of the new Project, a new musical direction. Not a total new direction but different.
I like to take this opportunity to thank a great number of people who helped me to bring my message across. Like so often on other records it's the basic "you know who you are" message, but my gratitude is great. This is not the end, well, of A Challenge Of Honour it is, but a beginning...let's remember it as such.

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